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The Easy Money Remix EP 2: More Easy Money (Genosha #023)

by The Outside Agency



It is the year 2015, and The Easy Money Remix series is back! It may even be 2016… Who even knows anymore with the irksome delays at pressing plants these days. The Outside Agency – as part of their never-ending quest to obtain more speedboats – have sourced yet another batch of remixes from their friends for the highly anticipated follow-up to 2007’s Easy Money Remix EP. Dither, Wavolizer, Mindustries and Igneon System are the first four artists to deliver their undoubtedly smashing renditions of their favorite tracks by The Outside Agency. Part III is coming up next, because these speedboats aren’t going to finance themselves. Highly recommend by speedboat salesmen everywhere!


released December 1, 2015

Written by DJ Hidden and Eye-D
Remixes produced by Dither, Wavolizer, Mindustries and Igneon System


all rights reserved


Track Name: The Wandering Mind (Mindustries Remix)
While you were out
The message says
You left a number
And I tried to call
But they wrote it down
In a perfect Spanish scrawl
In a perfect Spanish scrawl

Yet again
I'm missing you
King size bed
In a hotel someplace
I hear your name
I see your face
I see your face

The back street dolls
And the side door johnnies
The wide eyed boys with their bags full of
Back in the alley
Going bang to the wall
Tied to the tail
Of a midnight crawl
Heaven wouldn't be
So high I know
If the times gone by
Hadn't been so low
The best laid plans
Come apart at the seams
And shatter all my dreams

Sometimes I feel like
Close my eyes
It's times like this
My head goes down
And the only thing I know
Is the name of this town
Is the name of this town

Yet again
I'm missing you
Won't be long
O' coming home
Until that distant time
I'll be moving on
I'll be moving on