Stories from the 9th Dimension (Genosha #029)

by The Outside Agency

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Sykosonik TOA has returned to their experimental roots and this EP is fantastic!

Hardcore is (at the time of this release) going through a phase of everything being around 190bpm with the same weird high-pitched kickdrum.

This is exactly what you want if you need something different: A slower (but not really more relaxed) bpm, with weird and intriguing sounds no one else is putting out. Highly recommended. Favorite track: The Plant.
The Plant 06:34
Safe Keeper 05:15


Whether it is religion or mathematics, the 9th dimension's returning interpretation involves freedom. The stories collected on this EP involve a concept from which hardcore originates: creative freedom. With every track on this release, you can expect the unexpected. The tracks are slower than some might be used to. Their structures deviate from what people have come to expect. They feature fresh sounds. In short, they are what you *should* expect from The Outside Agency who truly return to their experimental roots with this four-track Genosha release.


released July 31, 2020

Written & produced by DJ Hidden


all rights reserved



The Outside Agency Goes, Netherlands

The Outside Agency is more hardcore than you.


  • Apr 23
    Rotterdam, Netherlands

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