The Outside Agency - Der Remaken (Original Version)

from The Outside Agency - Der Remaken by The Outside Agency



Once upon a time, an artist by the name of Taciturne released a track called Der Toten. It was a hit back in the day and despite its extreme lofi approach, people loved it to bits. We liked it too - but the mixdown and overall quality of the track was kind of... crappy. So we decided to redo it. In this version, nothing but the title remains as every single element in this remake was redone from scratch... or well, scratch: we sampled the pieces Taciturne sampled and rebuild the track exactly like the original. To avoid anyone getting overly pissed off for us doing so, we've decided to still give the track away... so go grab it if you like.


from The Outside Agency - Der Remaken, released April 15, 2015


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